New Primary School Opening September 2018

School Uniform

We will soon announce our uniform supplier. We are in negotiations with a local supplier and whilst the list below gives you an understanding of our expectations we will make some amendments to ensure that when the children start with us they are in high quality comfortable clothing.

Please note that children that start with us in Reception will not be required to wear ties and we are exploring polo-shirts.

Uniform specifics:

Pupils are expected to wear a school uniform selected from the following garments:

Boys Girls
Grey trousers or shorts Grey skirt or grey trousers
White Shirt White Blouse
Purple v necked sweatshirt Purple v necked sweatshirt
Grey socks White or purple socks
Black shoes Black shoes or sandals with closed toes
School tie School tie
Purple and white dress
Purple cardigan (must be worn with dress)
Girls are permitted to wear grey, purple or black tights
PE and Sports PE and Sports
Purple polo shirt with logo Purple polo shirt with logo
Black shorts Black shorts
Draw-string bag Draw-string bag
Tracksuit Tracksuit


Children do educational gymnastics in bare feet. Trainers can be worn for outdoor activities. Boot trainers are not considered suitable.

Please label everything with your child’s name.

Other Requirements

Since safety is a prime consideration, sensible shoes should be worn during the school day.

Trainers and boots are not considered appropriate footwear for wear throughout the school day.

Hair should be uniformly of a natural colour.

Hair styles involving shaven sides, obvious ‘steps’ and/or razor lines are not acceptable, hair should be ‘blended’. Hair Gel is not allowed. Coloured hair braids are not permitted and all long hair should be tied up. If a child comes to school with an inappropriate hairstyle we will call their parents and expect them to collect their child to resolve the hair style.

Sleepers and stud earrings are allowed to be worn to school, but they must be non-jewelled and the child must be able to remove them for P.E. lessons. Single earrings are not permitted.

If you decide you want your daughter to have pierced ears we recommend doing this over the summer holidays to avoid any issues at school. Boys are not allowed their ears pierced.

During unusually hot weather, appropriate adjustments may be made to the uniform requirements – you will be informed on these occasions.

Parents and carers are responsible for ensuring their child complies with the school uniform.