New Primary School Opening September 2018

CEO Welcome

Education is a process which enables children to understand the world around them and the best learning takes place in a safe and happy environment. The Cambridge Primary School will be a school which inspires children to dream and realise their potential.

As a key part of the Wellesley development the Cambridge Primary School will play an important part of helping to develop the community. The school will open with one reception class in September 2018 and the school will grow each year alongside the development.

The Cambridge Primary School will be an extension of the local community, and, with your co-operation as parents, your child has a unique contribution to make and we shall all find much to discover, share and enjoy together.

The families that will be the first to experience the school will benefit from helping to shape and mould the school community. We believe learning is a process of co-operative teamwork and families that will attend from September will benefit from a world-class learning environment.

Our trust believe every school should be a great school and the Cambridge Primary School will be a place of excellence and enjoyment. Children will learn about the rich local history of Aldershot as well as the diversity and wonders of our country and the world.

We understand how important it is that families make the right decision for their child. Being part of Cambridge Primary School family will be a rewarding, inspiring and wonderful experience.

The school building is due for completion in June 2018 and in July we will be inviting the first children and families to come and see one of the best school environments built in the UK this year.

We look forward to working with our families, challenging the children and shaping a curriculum that enables all pupils to achieve their potential.

Kind regards

David Harris


“Education is not the learning of facts,
but the training of the mind to think.”

Albert Einstein